Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Steyr M40-A1


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We are pleased to announce that Steyr Arms will again import the Steyr MA-1 and SA-1 line of pistols starting in August.  SAI will import additional quantities of both models in both a 9mm version as well as a .40 S&W.  The MA-1 and the SA-1 were two of Steyr's best selling models, but the fall of the dollar versus the euro over the last several years caused the price point to escalate far too high to import.-Steyr Arms, (Early 2010)

I had a hard time finding any negative reports about this pistol, having to go all the way back to a 2001 review by Gun-Tests where they had a complaint about a weak firing pin spring, and an unconventional backup trigger safety. An improved version replaced the Steyr M in production in 2004. 

Many newer gun-owner forums gave rave reviews. I am sure the relative scarcity of the gun has not hurt it's rising cult status either. K.A.

  • Length x Height x Width: 183 mm x 130 mm x 30 mm
  • Weight, Unloaded: appr. 766 g (1.7 pounds)
  • Calibers: 9x19, .40 
  • Picatinny Rail
  • Barrel: 6 lands and grooves w/1:14 twist
  • Magazine Capacity: 9mm/15, .40/12
  • Sights: Fixed Rectangular Sights with Trilux
  • Mechanism: Browning Short-Recoil Method 
  • Action: Hammerless and Striker Fired DAO
  • Trigger Travel: 4mm at 5.6 lbs
  • Safety System: multi-stage consisting of two automatic internal safeties, two external trigger safeties and a manual lock safety (US variants exclude manual safety button)
  •  Loaded Chamber Indicator
  • 2 Steel Magazines with Polymer Followers
  • Very Low Slide Profile Minimizes Muzzle Flip
  • Optionally Activated 2nd Trigger Safety
  • Unable to be Recocked After a Misfire Without Racking the Slide
  • Integrated Limited Access Lock and 2 Keys Also Restricts Disassembly
  • Left-Side Magazine Release
  • Slide Locks Open After Last Shot
  • Quality, Precision-Milled Slide
  • Tennifer Finish Enhances Corrosion Resistance on Metal Parts
  • Fully Supported Chamber
  • Capable of Shooting Lead Bullets 
  • Tapered, Double-Column Magazines "Allow Fast and Positive Insertion"
  • Short-Pull Quick Trigger
Brief Article: Massad Ayoob-1999


  1. I owned a Steyr M40 A1 sometime in 2008 but I sold it to a friend. The gun is really reliable, Shoots everytime I squeezed the trigger with a round in the chamber. It felt good in my hand, the grip angle is really a breakthrough. Evrytime I point it, the sights naturally align to the point of aim. The trigger has very short reset similar to a 1911. The low bore axis really mitigates felt recoil. I arrived at this conclusion when I shot the M40 head to head with a Glock 22. The Glock shoots with sharper recoil inherent of course to the .40 compared to .45s muzzle flip.
    Perfect so far..
    But I had a problem with that M40. Often the trigger did not return to battery when I cycle the slide without magazine. I realized that if I constantly squeeze the trigger until the slide snaps back to position, the trigger resets to battery. I actually sent the gun back to the dealer for repair. But after a few days, the problem resurfaced. Good thing, I never experienced that malfunction when loading a round into the chamber. But we all know Murphy's Law. Now I have my trusty CZ SP-01. Hopefully Steyr has solved this problem.

  2. Thanks a bunch for that update Sany!